Ilyas Aidarov

The artist, architect was born in 1956 in Kazan. He graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute. Corresponding Fellow of Russian Academy of Arts | People’s Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan | Honoured Artist of Tajikistan | Member of the International Academy of Art and Culture | Member of the USSR Union of Architects | Member of Artists Union of Russia (MOSH) | Member of Moscow Union of Artists (MSH) | Member of Artists Union of the Republic of Tatarstan Winner of the Second Moscow International Festival of Arts “Tradition and Modernity” in nomination “For the originality and individuality of writing style” Ilyas has been awarded the top state and communal awards in the arts field. For an unprecedented exhibition in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS) has been honoured entry into the Guinness Book of Records (Russian branch)

The Artist’s works are found in the following museum collections:

State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan · National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan · Collections in the Presidential Palace of the Kazan Kremlin · Collections in National Cultural Centre “Kazan” – Kazan · Museum Galiya Kaybitskoy – Kaybitsy, Republic of Tatarstan · Museum Salih Saydashev – Kazan · Museum Gabdulla Tukai – Uralsk, Kazakhstan · Collections of the Kazan State Conservatory (Academy) N.G. Zhiganov · Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky – Moscow as well as in private and corporate collections in Russia and abroad. For many years, Ilyas Aidarov has attracted an ever increasing number of connoisseurs, collectors and art lovers – from the early 80?s his art appeared in Moscow, provincial, regional, national and international art exhibitions. Today it is difficult to imagine and summarise all the diversity of Aidarov’s works which are scattered in numerous private collections in this country and most countries in Europe, Asia and America. Iliyas Aidarov paints everything, he is diverse not only in technique: painting, drawing, but also in the genre. The audience experience canvases which portray emotional, heartfelt joy of life, rooted in the power, energy and creativity of nature. His paintings are romantic forms where reality and fiction merge together. They are novels with unique characters and emotions, unexpectedly close, as if they are familiar to us from our childhood. All this creates a sense of celebration, which the artist gifts to the viewer.

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Exhibition in Outer Space

In 2002 Ilyas Aidarov became the first artist in the history of mankind to hold a personal art exhibition in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS) – commanding cosmonaut, Hero of Russia – Sergei Zalyotin. The authenticity of the work is confirmed by the stamps and personal seal of astronauts affixed onboard the ISS.

Additionally pieces of Aidarov’s art were taken aboard the ISS by the following cosmonauts, Heros of Russia:

2003 – Yuri Malenchenko

2004 – Gennadii Padalka

2005 – Salizhan Sharipov

2010 – Oleg Kotov

Ilyas Aidarov’s works experienced a long orbital adventure aboard the ISS, circling our planet numerous times.

«… I am sure that the aesthetic value and energy of an artwork are determined not only by the state of the creator and the viewer, but it is also accomplished by it’s journey in time and space. That is why some of my dearest artworks I wanted to raise high above the ground !..»